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Buy and Sell To Support A Charitable Cause

  • eBay for Charity
  • Charity Water
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Amazon Smile
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Smithsonian

You can help hundreds of charitable causes to raise money by simply buying and selling items on the web. CommerceForCharity shows you how!

Buy Items To Support A Charity

Shop for items on webstes you already use today, or explore the variety of sites that offer celebrity meeting experiences, adventurous vacation packages or one of a kind items all to support charity. Buy For Charity

Sell To Support A Charity

eBay For Charity is a great way to raise money and lets you sell an item and donate from 10% up to 100% of the proceeds to charity. There are hundreds of causes to choose from and eBay makes it easy by subtracting your donation from the sale amount and delivering it directly to the cause of your choice. Sell for Charity

Selling Tutorial

Ready to start selling? Visit the tutorial to learn how to sell for your favorite charitable organization using eBay For Charity. Selling Tutorial

Submit A Chartable Commerce Site

Know of a website that offers products for sale to support a charitable cause? Please tell us about it and we will add the site to our index! Submit A Site

Charitable Commerce Forum

We would love to hear from you! Visit the Charityforcommerce forum and tell us about your experiences in the world of charitable giving through ecommerce. The Forum